Celina High School Students of the Month

Each academic month two students each from grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 are selected as Rotary Students of the Month by the staff and administration of Celina High School.  These students introduce themselves to the Rotary members each time and enjoy their “luncheon out.” Once each student reaches their senior year they are eligible to apply to receive one of the four $2,000 Annual Rotary scholarships. Those who choose to attend WSU Lake Campus give an additional $1,000.


2020 Celina Rotary Scholarship winners from the 2020 Celina High School Class of 2020 were:

Connor Glass, Alyssa Adams, Zach Haines, and Graeme Stewart. Each of these outstanding graduates were awarded $2,000 for their hard work and dedication to their studies and their service to the community.

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